Guiding Stars Child Care

About Our Childcare Center

About Our Childcare Center

Guiding Stars is a childcare center licensed by the Ministry of Education. We have regular monitoring visits from the ministry, the ministry of health, and the county of Simcoe to ensure quality care.

Quality Care

We believe all children deserve quality care that meets their individual needs and interests, regardless of their gender, religion, race, class, ethnicity, or ability. Guiding Stars employees share a passion and love for educating children in all areas of development through play and planned daily activities.

Program Statement

Our program statement encompasses the child and how we provide optimum care. The statement describes how our program supports and fosters early learning. It goes into detail about how we see children, as well as our philosophy and pedagogy. It also explains the approaches and goals that we use to ensure a healthy child development.

Weekly Activities

At Guiding Stars, we plan activities on a weekly basis to meet our children’s individual interests and needs. Guiding Stars provides care for children aged 18 months to 4 years. We have a toddler program for ages 18 months-30 months and a preschool program for ages 2.5-4 years.

Child Care Rates

Child Care Rates

Full-Time Monthly Rate

  • Toddler $671.67
  • PreSchool $628.33

Full Time Daily Rate

  • Toddler $31
  • PreSchool $29

For more information about the full-time rates and part-time rates, contact us today or download our parent handbook.

World of Education
World of Education



Download our registration form and bring it with you to your appointment.

Upon registering your child, we require the following items to be submitted to the office:

  • Birth certificate
  • Up-to-date immunization records
  • Completed registration forms
  • Back page of the parent handbook signed

Understanding Our Curriculum

Understanding Our Curriculum

Guiding Stars uses two main documents to help us in implementing our play-based environment and programming. Those documents are how does learning happen? Ontario’s pedagogy for early years (Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2014) And early learning for every child today, a framework for Ontario early childhood settings (Elect) (Best start expert panel on early learning, January 2007).

How Does Learning Happen

How Does Learning Happen? It is a professional learning guide that focuses on the relationship aspect of learning. Relationships, not just with the educator, but with family, community, and environment.

Every child should feel that they belong, are a valuable contributor, and have every opportunity to succeed. The document focuses on four major areas in relationship building. They belong, well-being, engagement, and expression.


Elect is a document that charts age-appropriate development in five different domains for children in the early years. These domains list several skills that are learned and refined through play. The areas of focus are physical (large and fine motor), cognitive, emotional, language, and social.

Both of these documents promote play as their core learning tool. Play propels learning and development. When a child feels comfortable and happy, they can become engaged in play activities. Play then facilitates learning by creating pathways, making that experience an enjoyable one rather than a chore.

These documents also allow us to focus on following the child’s lead by observing their play in order to promote their interests, extending engagement in the play to extend the learning.

More information can be read by downloading the parent handbook.